Monday, February 28, 2011

What I'm supposed to be working on instead of posting this:

Hello void. I'm currently writing a long-overdue honors paper (read: Bachelor's thesis) which may or may not be read by my advisor tomorrow. The subject is the manifestation of community/society restructured through narratives in survival stories. The format is a 20+ page research/analyses and creative writing piece. What I have now? About five pages of utter crap. Am I panicking? Yes. Nearly enough? No.

See, I am one of the many members of society's lower student caste: The Procrastinators. We take ten hours to start hour-long projects, and apparently think we can finish massive analytical endeavors at 4 in the morning with little to no solid planning.

The current symptom of my folly is the acquirement of various online gadgetry; I revamped my Twitter (@LeManuelTheLazy) and added several new folks (read 2,000+ tweets), and started this unfortunate blog.

My hope is that this will turn into some kind of review blog. As an internet addict AND procrastinator, I consume a lot of pop culture, and therefore by the power vested in me by the state of Intarwebs I am 100% qualified to waste your time with my unintelligent reactions to said culture. I will review the copious amount of TV I watch, everything in my Netflix Instant Queue (that's a super fun word to type), video games, internet personalities, music, food, and the paltry books I read. And it will be awesome.

Until next time, my minions! Stay bright

Le Manuel

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