Friday, April 13, 2012

Minecraft Diaries

Day One,

Woke up in a heavily wooded area. Played in the dirt until dark, then switched to peaceful mode. Dug a fortress in what I thought was a hill, but turned out to be a small bump of land hiding a canyon, so my fortress was more like a linen closet. No sign of linen. Turned off peaceful mode for two minutes. Thought I was so clever making a tiny doorway in my house, but soon a creeper tried to get inside and while I was stuck figuring out how to cobblestone him out, he exploded my front doorstep and created a massive chasm in my lawn.

Day Two,

Tried to label my territory by constructing a giant cobblestone stairway to heaven. Failed at geometry instead. Made a stove and a chest and a table. Thank God for torches! Dug a spiral staircase in the back of my linen closet. Got ten feet underground when I discovered a cave. The cave led to a valley which led to outside, so it wasn't so much underground as slightly lower overground. But hey, now I have a basement and a backyard grotto.

Day Three,

Computer overheated, so I had to set up an elaborate box fan system on my floor and grip the laptop with my knees. Still lags terribly after a few minutes. Finally explored above ground, found some sheep to kill for wool to hopefully make a bed and spawn in my fortress (yes, I read a walkthrough). Discovered a creepy village, which I didn't know was a thing, and it had actual people and farms in it. I even found a few cows sunbathing by a lava pond. Maybe instead of building my own house I can just kill all the villagers and live here.

Oh, and also I tripped over some kind of glitch which caused my game to constantly chunk save and now I'm stuck.

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