Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Before and After: Narcissism in progress...

Finally found a use for all the old photos I hate! This is to keep a record and track progress. Apparently this is the only place I can organize photos this way without using Paint. So there it is. The befores are on the left, duh, and range from 2007-2010. The afters are all as recently as I could get them, but none older than August 2010. I tried to pick ones with similar poses and expressions. Oh, and sorry to all the people I cropped out. This is all about MEEEEEE.

This one is my personal favorite, so I put it first. 

I really love my pained expression in the left one 

You can't really see in the before of this one cuz I'm wearing a TENT. That was moving out day last year! 


Haha this one just looks like I'm sucking in. Well I probably was, but in BOTH, that's what matters. 

That stupid black cami is in almost every before picture. I used it to cover my ass, literally. It's a raggedy mess now. 


Haha, some things never change. 


I whip my hair back and forth. Sorry, had to. 

Sooo attractive, lefty. 


The only two photos of my ass that exist, EVAR. 

And now for the face shots


Remember not to judge my hair. 

It's so cold in my room right now, you have no idea. 

Freddy watches silently.

Homecoming! The one on the right, of course. 

Yay, anyway. Enough of that. I'll have a real post soon. 


Le Manuel


  1. Awww lindsayyy
    i haven't seen most of these!!!
    i love the webcam ones.
    the top one is my fav too. :)
    you need one of you in your stripey "swim" pants that was when i really noticed how thin you've gotten.
    i am so happy for you
    Better be careful though, if you lose too much weight, you might lose some of that boobage!