Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Bit More Seriouser, Now

It's four in the morning and I work in seven hours, but it's vitally important to toss something of myself into the abyss of the internet, lest my fragile ego starve to death.

So I decided to post my list of Remembers. Recently I was sitting in a restaurant, waiting for my waitressy sister to get off work, and all I had for entertainment was a notebook. So I wrote a long, sentimental list of reminders for myself, to keep me going and otherwise define my priorities.

I considered posting this to Effbook in note format, but that's just a bit too public and also kind of a dramatic thing to do. So I shall burden this blog with it, because that is a much smaller audience with much less "liking" potential.

It is a personal list that applies to me specifically, but I feel that a lot of the items could be good for anyone to consider. Here we go:

1. Life is short and fast
2. You don't really find permanence appealing
3. Good writing takes daily exercise
4. The internet is usually a waste of time
5. Don't value the opinions of dumb people
6. Act and dress cooler than you are
7. The useless crap in your room was once the only thing you wanted
8. Cooking makes you happy, never stop
9. Tragedy shouldn't be romantic
10. Keep your 12-year-old self proud
11. It IS important to feel thin and beautiful
12. Your happiness does not depend on anyone's unhappiness
13. An even temper is a gift
14. Criticize privately, praise openly
15. Money should never be your sole motivation
16. Obsession causes aging
17. Find another reason besides "because he likes me"
18. Wilderness reboots the soul
19. Avoid ruts
20. Educate yourself before declaring an opinion
21. Never remain in something unhappy out of fear
22. No one has time to be coy
23. Everything is uncertain, unstable, and temporary
24. Don't dwell on the obvious or irrelevant
25. The first mark of sophistication is good hygiene
26. Worth is subjective
27. Do not confuse femininity and weakness

There ya have it. Inspirations from a Perkins booth. Take it or leave it. I have to pee.

Ciao, bella!~ Ugh Stephenie Meyer ruined that phrase.

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